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Work Project with another farm and ideas for the future!

Well, Swift River Farm you are just making wonderful progress on your sustainable straw bale home! Had a great time helping out. Needless to say, Sweet Belly Farm is dreaming about an Uber insulated cold storage room or chicken coop using the same method! Or maybe a house for the farmers if we get really fancy! These are some pictures from one of the days working on their house. Swift River Farm are sustainable and pesticide free producers of veggies here in Salmon, ID. 

Cameron Rolle of Sweet Belly Farm Helping with Straw Bale House

Nora the dog and Cameron hard at work. 

Jessica McAleese of Swift River Farm Straw Bale

Jessica McAleese working on the windows at their straw bale home. 

Swift River Farm's Straw Bale House in Salmon, ID

An excellent job stacking the bales  - you can see how thick the walls are in the window area. Since the walls are so thick and the straw and trapped air is such a great insulator, straw bale walls have r values around 25 up to 40. This is easily twice as good as traditional walls! 

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