A message from Sweet Belly Farm: Due to increasing prices of many of our base oils, containers, canning jars, and gasoline, we raised our prices this season. We're sorry if our customers are impacted by this change, but we ask for your understanding and continued support. Sweet Belly Farm is offering FREE SHIPPING on any order over $80. Also, customers in the Salmon, ID area can get your order delivered instead of paying shipping costs. Just select "local delivery" at checkout.


Herbal healing extracts made from wildcrafted and cultivated plants that grow in Salmon, ID. Tinctures are the best choice for maximum healing with herbs. Plant compounds (which essentially are the plant's medicinal molecules) are extracted with 45% pure grain alcohol or with glycerin, a less potent option that is safe for kids. 

 These products are made under the Idaho Cottage Foods Law (in a home kitchen, not subject to retail food establishment inspections). 

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