Sweet Belly Farm

A growing experiment in sustainability:

Herbal healing and local food for your sweet belly

Mother's Day Sale!

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Sweet Belly Farm: a growing experiment in sustainability

Guide to our Herbal Healing Salves


We have our roots in Community Gardens

In 2015 Sweet Belly Farm started growing produce in Salmon Community Garden and selling at the Lemhi County Farmer's Market, with 21 raised beds and a healthy dose of experimentation. Moving on in 2016, the folks at Swift River Farm acted as a mentors, helping expand the vision for Sweet Belly Farm's future size and direction.

Ethical Wildcrafting

When we harvest plants from the wildlands we always make sure to correctly identify plants, and only harvest small amounts of any one population before moving on. We follow the abundance and focus on plants that are naturally abundant or weedy, like mullien and St. John's wort. Some of the plants we wildcraft rather than grow are Arnica, Yarrow, Mullien, and Elderberry.