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Sweet Belly Farm

A growing experiment in sustainability:

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We have our roots in Community Gardens

In 2015 Sweet Belly Farm started growing produce in Salmon Community Garden and selling at Farmer's Markets, with 21 raised beds and a healthy dose of experimentation. With the purchase of property and collaboration with other local farmers, we are expanding our vision for Sweet Belly Farm's future. Now we are growing and collecting medicinal herbs for whole body healing, making tinctures, teas, herbal body products, and also fun jams and jellies. Read more of our story .... →

Ethical Wildcrafting

When we harvest plants from the wildlands we always make sure to correctly identify plants, and only harvest small amounts of any one population before moving on. We follow the abundance and focus on plants that are naturally abundant or invasive, like Mullien and St. John's wort. Some of the plants we wildcraft rather than grow are Arnica, Yarrow, Mullien, and Elderberry. Read more about our values... →
Sweet Belly Farm: a growing experiment in sustainability

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Blog posts

Finding the Time to Make Lasagna

Finding the Time to Make Lasagna

A guide to how I started laying the foundation for soil at Sweet Belly Farm - by layering compost, straw, leaves, hay, and decomposed bark into lasagna beds. September was almost gone and I couldn’t wait any longer to just DO something, at least start making the soil I wanted to grow herbs in during the coming summer season. 

Manuka Revealed: the story of an essential oil from New Zealand

Manuka Revealed: the story of an essential oil from New Zealand

Manuka essential oil is made by steam distillation of the leaves and twigs. It has antibiotic, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine properties, among other healing benefits. This is the story of how I learned more about Manuka when I found myself backpacking among a forest of Manuka bushes in New Zealand. 
What Farmers DO in Winter - Timber Frame and drink tea!

What Farmers DO in Winter - Timber Frame and drink tea!

It all started when I said I wanted a pole barn or structure of some sort near my future garden to serve as a place to wash produce, dry herbs, store tools, and get out of the sun. Then, my partner Tim starts talking about timber frame structures, how sturdy they are, and how properly built and sheltered from rot, they can last for centuries.Bird's mouth cut on a rafter, timber framing Sweet Belly Farm in Idaho

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